Shanghai: The Epitome of Fashion – How to Rock the Sporty Chic Look and Turn Heads on the Streets!

In the dazzling city of Shanghai, fashion never fades. As you step into this vibrant land, you will discover a strong sense of fashion permeating through the bustling crowds, whether in the towering skyscrapers or the streets and alleys.

Strolling through the streets of Shanghai, you will be drawn to the outfits of the girls. They exude an air of confidence, showcasing their unique fashion taste and personal charm.

For those who lack inspiration or ideas for their outfits, street photography taken by Shanghai photographers has become a source of inspiration for their fashion choices.

These photographers, with their unique aesthetic perspectives, have captured the outfits of the city’s girls through their lenses. Each photograph is a collision of fashion inspiration, catching the eye and leaving a lasting impression.

In this context, even simple and casual sportswear can be worn by Shanghai girls with extraordinary charm. For those who want to learn from their sporty chic style, feel free to read on.

Characteristics of Shanghai Girls’ Sporty Chic Outfits

Casual and Free

The sportswear worn by Shanghai girls is not only comfortable and casual but also pays great attention to aesthetics, unlike the ugly sportswear we used to wear for physical education classes.

The sportswear they wear features simple colors and a strong sense of design, which can radiate a fashionable glow in daily outfits. Moreover, Shanghai girls’ sporty chic outfits are neither completely loose nor completely tight-fitting.

Instead, they incorporate comfortable, practical, and simple sports elements while paying close attention to well-fitted cuts and moderately tight-fitting matching styles. As a result, they appear very casual and free.

Appropriate Skin Exposure

After observing many Shanghai girls’ sporty chic outfits, I have discovered another key point: learning to expose skin appropriately. This can create a sense of breathability, effectively breaking the dullness of the overall look.

Usually, Shanghai girls will expose skin on either the upper or lower body. For example, they may showcase their charming waistline, slender arms, or superior shoulder and neck lines.

As for the lower body, they will choose skirts or shorts of moderate length to reveal their long, straight legs, adding a touch of sexiness and playfulness.

Key Points for Creating a Sporty Chic Look

Short Top and Long Bottom

A short top and long bottom outfit can help you create a 3:7 body ratio, making the overall look more proportionate. Generally, you can choose a short top, such as a crop top or sports bra.

This will showcase the curves and sportiness of your body. For the bottom, choose longer styles such as loose sports pants or wide-leg pants, which not only add to the overall layering but also add a touch of fashion to the sporty style.

Additionally, if the pants are relatively loose, it is recommended to choose shoes with a wider top, such as sneakers or dad shoes. You can also match them with a baseball cap to bring out the sporty vibe.

Combination of Loose and Tight

Sporty chic outfits tend to lean towards loose styles, but being too loose may appear lacking in energy. Therefore, we can adopt a combination of loose and tight to maintain comfort without looking too sloppy.

For example, pair a sports bra with yoga pants and layer a sports jacket over it. This looks decent and fashionable while effectively concealing figure flaws such as wide hips and thick thighs.

Of course, you can also try wearing a loose T-shirt with sports pants, which appears simple and casual yet fashionable.

Simple Color Scheme

Another key point in creating a sporty chic look is to keep the overall color scheme simple, making it easier for us to match confidently without going overboard with a gaudy appearance.

Looking at the sporty chic outfits of Shanghai girls, they generally choose basic colors such as black, white, and gray, or varying shades of the same color, showcasing a sharp and generous temperament.

For example, you can wear a set of apricot-colored, waist-cinching sportswear like the girl on the right in the above picture, with a white sleeveless sports bra underneath, paired with sneakers. The sporty vibe will be immediately apparent.

In conclusion, no matter when or where, maintain sensitivity and curiosity towards fashion and boldly try various outfit styles. Only in this way can you keep up with fashion trends and find a style that suits you.

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