6 Style Hacks Shanghai Petite Women Swear By to Look Taller and Slimmer

Fashion is a realm that knows no boundaries when it comes to age, body shape, or appearance. Whether you are curvy or slender, tall or short, as long as you have the desire to explore a style that suits you, you can break through traditional limitations.

Even if you are on the shorter side, it is not the sole determinant of your fashion style and taste. Recently, I came across street fashion photos of petite women in Shanghai, and it was then that I truly understood a principle.

Petite women need to master certain dressing techniques and key points to temporarily divert attention from their height disadvantage. This is where the charm of fashion lies—flexibly utilizing various elements to achieve a style that accentuates your strengths and conceals your weaknesses.

Without further ado, let’s analyze how petite women in Shanghai manage to appear slimmer and taller, and draw inspiration from their petite styling tips.

Key Point 1: Short Top, Long Bottom

For petite women who want to look slimmer and taller, we can start with the underlying logic of dressing. What is this underlying logic? It is about creating body proportions to achieve a visually elongating effect.

The most common method to visually increase height is to create a waistline, and one way to do this is by wearing a short top with a long bottom. However, we need to pay attention to the proportion of the top and bottom areas, ideally following a 3:7 ratio.

The 7:3 body ratio is suitable for taller individuals to balance their height and make the overall look more harmonious. Petite women should opt for shorter top styles paired with high-waisted or long pants or skirts.

Key Point 2: Avoid Excessively Long Skirts

For petite women, height is already a disadvantage. If you insist on choosing loose, long skirts that do not highlight your waistline, you will fall into the pitfall of petite styling.

Loose skirts can make your body appear more bulky overall, and if the length is too long, it will visually lower your body proportions, making your figure look even shorter.

Therefore, if you want to wear a skirt, try to choose one with a hemline above the knee or slightly below it. Additionally, avoid skirts that end right at the knee, as they can easily create a 5:5 proportion, making you look shorter.

Key Point 3: Monochromatic Matching Rule

Although monochromatic dressing may appear coordinated and unified, there are some styling techniques involved. For example, the all-black outfit worn by the woman on the left in the image above is not suitable for petite women, as it can visually compress height.

The best approach is to expose a bit of skin around the midsection to create an appropriate transition. Moreover, the top should be slightly shorter to form a 3:7 body proportion with the bottom.

Alternatively, you can choose tops and bottoms in different shades of the same color family to visually elongate and extend body proportions.

Key Point 4: V-Necklines for a Slimming Effect and Neck


If your shoulders and neck are not your best features, such as having broad shoulders or a prominent double chin, avoid small round necklines at all costs, as they will further accentuate your shoulder flaws.

Instead, opt for tops or dresses with V-necklines, which not only flatter the neckline and facial contours but also elongate body proportions by subtly exposing the shoulder and neck area, resulting in a slimming and height-enhancing effect.

Key Point 5: Learn to Create Visual Focal Points

Visual focal points can be created on the head, upper body, lower body, through accessories, hairstyles, shoes, or vibrant colors. However, it is important not to go overboard with the entire look.

For instance, the two women on the left in the image above appear a bit too flashy. While they successfully divert visual attention, such styling is not very practical for daily wear and comes across as overly flamboyant.

Instead, we can take cues from the two women on the right and opt for a two-toned hairstyle, a pair of heightening heels, or well-fitted shorts or short skirts to draw attention away from height concerns.

Key Point 6: Avoid Oversized Bags

Carrying oversized bags can visually suppress your height, making you appear even more petite. Therefore, try to avoid large bags to prevent diminishing your height-enhancing efforts.

We should choose moderately sized small bags that create a more balanced overall proportion, allowing people to focus on your body lines rather than the bag itself.

Small bags can prevent an overpowering effect, making you look more lightweight and slender, thereby accentuating your height.

On the stage of fashion, everyone has their unique charm and style. Height is not the sole criterion for measuring fashion taste and allure.

May everyone find their place in the vast ocean of fashion, confidently and beautifully crafting their own fashion story.