The ‘Rule of Thirds’ Dressing: A Timeless Summer Trend for a Stylish and Proportionate Look

Summer dressing can be a real torment, as we all want to look fashionable while staying comfortable and cool. However, every summer, there’s one particular dressing style that takes the streets by storm—the “Rule of Thirds” dressing. This year, as expected, it has become the go-to choice for many fashion enthusiasts.

If you’re eager to try out this trend, then let’s dive in and explore it together!

I. What is the “Rule of Thirds” Dressing?

The “Rule of Thirds” dressing refers to the way of dividing the body’s proportions into three parts for the upper body and seven parts for the lower body through clothing combinations.

Specifically, the upper body occupies three-tenths of the overall proportion, while the lower body takes up the remaining seven-tenths.

This dressing style has remained popular and enduring due to its numerous advantages:

Creating an Excellent Body Ratio

For those who already have a good body proportion, the “Rule of Thirds” dressing can serve as the perfect finishing touch. Moreover, it is also very friendly to those with a 50/50 body ratio.

By shortening the top or raising the waistline of the pants, a visual effect of a short upper body and long lower body can be created, elongating the leg lines and achieving an excellent body ratio.

Enhancing Aura and Fashion Sense

People who adopt the “Rule of Thirds” dressing can further highlight their spirit and create a more fashionable and stylish overall look.

Whether paired with high heels or flat shoes, this dressing style can showcase a confident and elegant temperament.


The “Rule of Thirds” dressing can be achieved through various methods, such as pairing a short top with high-waisted long pants or tucking the shirt into the waistband.

Regardless of the chosen items for matching, as long as the principle of the “Rule of Thirds” is followed, different styles of looks can be easily created.

II. Matching Tips for the “Rule of Thirds” Dressing

Of course, to make this dressing style look fashionable, some matching tips need to be mastered.

Tight on Top, Loose on Bottom

This is one of the most basic matching principles in the “Rule of Thirds” dressing. A tight top and loose bottom can create perfect body curves and highlight a woman’s elegant temperament.

For example, you can wear a black fitted short-sleeved top with a white V-neck design, as shown in the left image above. This not only showcases the slender neckline but also adds a touch of sexy charm.

Pair it with a pair of blue wide-leg jeans, as the loose pant legs can modify the leg lines, making the legs appear longer.

She also tucked the shirt into the waistband, creating a high-waisted effect that makes the whole look more tall and straight.

Avoid Excessive Color Conflicts Between Top and Bottom

When choosing clothing combinations, we need to pay extra attention to whether the colors of the top and bottom are coordinated. Overly conflicting color combinations may appear jarring and inharmonious, making them difficult to pull off.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose colors from similar or the same color scheme when selecting top and bottom garments, as this can create a harmonious and unified visual effect.

Take a look at the two sets of color combinations in the image above. On the left, a green vest is paired with blue wide-leg jeans, connected by a brown belt at the waist.

Although it is a combination of green and blue, it doesn’t appear too abrupt. Instead, it gives a sense of summer coolness.

Alternatively, like the image on the right, a pink U-neck fitted short-sleeved top is paired with a champagne-colored satin skirt, finished with a pair of white shoes. This set is very gentle and casual, with a color combination that is both harmonious and rich in layers.

Accessories are a Must

To create the “Rule of Thirds” dressing, the choice of individual items is also crucial. The “Rule of Thirds” dressing emphasizes the perfect combination of elegance and practicality, so each item needs to be carefully selected.

In addition to basic clothing, small and exquisite items are indispensable. For example, a small and delicate handbag can not only hold daily necessities but also serve as a embellishment, adding fashion to the overall look.

Or, wearing a delicate necklace around the neck can greatly enhance the temperament of the overall look. These items can greatly enhance the layering of the overall styling.

In conclusion, the “Rule of Thirds” dressing is a very practical and fashionable way of dressing. As long as we master the correct matching techniques and principles, we can easily create various styles of looks and showcase our unique charm.

So, if you’re interested, why not boldly try this dressing style in this scorching summer!