Surprising Summer Fashion Tip: The Best Colors for Sun Protection (Hint: It’s Not White!)

During the scorching summer days, we not only pursue fashionable and stylish outfits but also pay attention to sun protection through our clothing choices. However, many people seem to have a misconception that wearing white clothes is the most effective way to protect against the sun, but the truth is quite the opposite.

This revelation might surprise you because many people have been wearing the wrong colors. In fact, some dark-colored clothes are better choices for sun protection.

The reason behind this is that dark-colored fabrics can better absorb ultraviolet rays, reducing the possibility of them penetrating the clothing and directly reaching the skin.

On the other hand, light-colored clothes can reflect visible light but have little effect on ultraviolet rays, thus failing to provide adequate sun protection.

Among the dark colors, red and navy blue are considered ideal choices for summer sun protection. They can reflect a portion of ultraviolet rays, achieving a certain level of sun protection.

So, how can you wear these two colors in a fashionable way? Here are some tips that might interest you.

1.Choose According to Your Skin Tone

When selecting red and navy blue clothing, it is crucial to consider your skin tone. Different skin tones suit different shades of red and navy blue.

Cool, Fair Skin: For those with cool, fair skin, choosing bright and clear red colors may work better because they create a contrast with the skin tone, making it appear more vibrant.

For navy blue, opt for deeper shades, as these colors can provide a good backdrop for the skin, making it look clearer.

Normal Skin Tone: For those with a normal skin tone, it is recommended to choose moderately deep shades to avoid creating too much contrast or appearing too similar to the skin color.

Warm, Darker Skin: For those with warm, darker skin, deep red may be a better choice because it can harmoniously blend with the skin tone while also appearing more energetic.

Try on different shades and tones of colors and observe how they complement your skin tone. Ultimately, choose the clothing colors that suit you best.

2.Correct Matching Methods

Have you ever heard the saying, “Red and blue have always been a classic couple”? The combination of red and blue is a classic choice in fashion styling. It combines the passionate and bold red with the steady and classic blue, bringing a sense of balance and visual impact.

You can choose a red top paired with dark blue jeans. Whether you match them with slightly flared pants or wide-leg pants, they can bring a vintage vibe. This combination can attract attention and make the overall look more eye-catching.

For example, you can choose a red, high-neck, sleeveless, fitted top paired with vintage blue, slightly flared pants to showcase an elegant and curvy silhouette.

Pair it with a pair of white high-heeled sandals, which can not only elongate the leg lines but also add a touch of freshness to the overall look, making it more light and dynamic.

You can also add a delicate necklace to enhance the overall fashion sense and sophistication.

Navy Blue + White

Both navy blue and white are relatively fresh and simple colors. Their combination makes the overall look clean and sharp, without losing elegance and fashion sense. This combination is suitable for daily casual wear, being both generous and decent while showcasing individuality.

It is recommended to choose a navy blue shirt paired with white shorts, tucking the hem into the waistband and securing it with a dark brown belt, then wearing a pair of square-toed leather shoes.

You can slightly open the collar of the shirt to reveal the beautiful collarbone lines, adding a touch of charm.

This outfit can allow you to showcase a fresh and simple style in summer, highlighting your individuality and taste. Whether it’s for leisure time or formal occasions, you can confidently display your charm.

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