Effortless Elegance: 5 Light French Style Formulas for Women Over 40 to Look Chic and Ageless

French Style Formulas

In the summer, the air is constantly filled with the scent of heat, and the breeze and sunshine feel warm and bright. For women over 40, who have experienced the settling of time, they possess a mature charm.

However, they often face the dilemma of how to dress appropriately, neither looking childish nor old-fashioned. After all, as age increases, people’s aesthetics and styles gradually change.

Traditional fashion trends may no longer be suitable for women over 40, as they need a more mature and elegant dressing style that can highlight their inner temperament.

French Style Formulas

At this time, perhaps you can try the light French style. The traditional French style is known for its casual, relaxed, and elegant characteristics.

The light French style, on the other hand, incorporates elements of simplicity into the French elegance, maintaining a sense of sophistication without being overly exaggerated.

In this article, I will share with you 5 dressing formulas for creating a light French style, hoping to bring some inspiration and enlightenment to female friends over 40.

White Top + Blue Jeans + Red/Black Shoes

French Style Formulas

One of the essences of light French dressing is color matching, and one of the common French color formulas is white, blue, and red. Generally, a white shirt is the first choice for French style.

But if you don’t have that kind of stiff shirt, don’t worry. After all, there are no completely fixed formulas for dressing, and we can try matching a white lace cardigan or a V-neck blouse with a French style.

For jeans, you can choose a straight-leg, slightly flared version, preferably with a high-waist design, avoiding tight or overly loose jeans. In addition, shoes don’t have to be Mary Janes; black or red pumps are also acceptable.

Polka Dot Dress + Mary Janes/Pumps

French Style Formulas

An entry-level item for light French style must have polka dot elements, and a dress with polka dots immediately gives off a light French retro vibe. The seemingly simple and regular arrangement of dots always brings a different visual perception.

When you choose a white polka dot skirt, you can match it with a black V-neck puff sleeve blouse and a pair of black Mary Janes. The color of the black top echoes the black dots, making it look more elegant and sophisticated.

If you choose a black polka dot dress, try pairing it with a pair of black Mary Janes with straps. Creating a light French style is not an easy task.

Hairstyle + Hair Accessories

French Style Formulas

Fashion items that create a light French atmosphere must include hair accessories, which are closely related to hairstyles. If you have shoulder-length hair, you can slightly curl the ends.

The direction of the curl can be outward, but if your face shape can’t handle it, you can try curling inward. Moreover, the curl’s arc should not be too large; you can refer to the above for specifics.

In addition to curls, short hair can also be clipped up with a clip and paired with a pair of pearl earrings and a light green camisole for an instant French vibe.

Of course, fashion items like scarves, headbands, hair bands, or hats are also key pieces for creating a light French style. For example, scarves go well with curly hair and can also be used as belts or tied on bags for high utilization.

Tea Dress + Mary Janes/Sandals

French Style Formulas

Tea dresses were initially the exclusive attire for European noble ladies and young ladies in the afternoon. Later, with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion, tea dresses gradually became one of the fashion items for general daily wear.

The V-neckline, cinched waist, A-line skirt design, and soft fabric of the tea dress showcase a lazy, romantic, and elegant temperament. Generally, the length from the knee to the calf is more appropriate and elegant.

You can choose a pair of high-quality red Mary Janes or white low-heeled sandals to match with the tea dress. If you find wearing low heels uncomfortable, you can also switch to flat shoes.

Mary Janes

French Style Formulas

Mary Janes are one of the commonly used shoe styles for creating a light French style. The colors of Mary Janes include red, black, and silver, and you can choose according to your preferred color.

Mary Janes go well with skirts, such as midi skirts, umbrella skirts, or dresses. You can choose a green French-style blouse with a white midi skirt and a pair of silver Mary Janes.

Add a hat with a French flair and carry a light apricot-colored small handbag, whose color is very close to the color of the hat and shoes.

The overall color matching is very comfortable and will not make the outfit look gaudy.

French Style Formulas

In fact, the 5 light French formulas mentioned above are just the opinions summarized by the editor. You can use them as a reference and give full play to your own initiative to find the light French style that suits you.

Today’s fashion sharing has come to an end, and if you find today’s content helpful, don’t hesitate to like and follow the editor. See you next time!


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